Friday, October 14, 2011

Why am I progressively getting worse when I'm trying to get better at this?

I just want to say to you all I AM SO SORRY! School is taking so much of my time, and when I get home after doing a load of homework, (or avoiding it to take a nap) then eat dinner, whats left of me gets to take a shower,  then sleep, and I get to wake up early the next morning. I am just so thankful I can eat anything. If I was still on a diet as before I would cause harm to something. and also refuse to go to school. :/ whoops I guess you all know what kind of student I am now hahaha, sorry completely off topic. It also doesn't help our main computer crashed, so my mother uses my laptop quite a bit (not that I mind, for the most part) so if I were able to sneak on here, I can't :(.

Here's whats up: My numbness is left to an obnoxious square on the bottom left half of my chin/lip. It's quite comical sometimes, like the other morning I was drinking coffee getting ready for school and I took a sip and realized "what a small sip...".  But not really, 3/4's of that sip was spilled down my shirt, pants and the floor. I was laughing at myself for quite a bit (Just picture the scenario in your head, and I bet you will be chuckling too). Also the surface of the roof of my mouth in the front half is still numb, I was eating ice cream today and my mouth was not very cold. Other than that, a few teeth (that is bothersome actually) . Eating: anything, haven't ventured hard candy, sticky candy, carrots, or an english muffin (I'm a toasted means toasted girl). But things like chips yes (my second meal included chips and guacamole). I was given no limitations, and it scared me allot; still kinda does, but I'm thankful nonetheless.  Pain: yep, everyday. But it's that tolerable kind of pain, and it goes away with one dose of motrin or major distraction, more prominent with stress. Except, on Thursday I had this horrible pain shooting through the split in the lower jaw all the way up into my ear! It started around 10am then just progressively got worse (plus an allergy headache was helping in no way) I went to the Nurse instead of going physics (I couldn't make it up the 3rd flight of stairs, and thats when I knew it was time) and she sent me home. My mommy took the one trammadol she had left that she couldn't give me (the script ran out or some district thing)and I got to take it. My mommy also had a migraine so when we got home we both took 3 hour naps! Then we took another nap after dinner, and then we both slept in really late this morning (I did not have school today it was our "Fair Day"-only in Texas, gosh) I still have a little, but nothing like that (yet).

Ortho Update: I'm on a finishing wire but will be in braces another 5 months :/. she's doing something with my molars (odd how they are still the problem teeth) so, thats no fun. But I'm glad its at that office so thats ok we love them there. :) I'm in allot of pain afterwards but its all gonna be worth it.

Swelling: Sometimes I still feel as if I have a tad of swelling, and I know Ihave a bit from the braces annoying my inside of my mouth.The inside of my mouth really just hates me, my scars are puffy, & I keep biting the inside of my left side of my lip (which I can't feel untill it becomes a kanker sore which is its current state).

That's all I have for you all really, I really do promise this time to try to keep up. I don't even know what day it is, how sad is that :( I will do the math eventually I just have to switch out of my pre-cal class first. Oh boy, school sucks I can tell you that.

I hope you all are doing well! Whether you are recovering, waiting, drooling, eating, or napping (or any other verb that goes along with this whole process). Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

Life's a Party, Wear the Hats :)