Friday, October 14, 2011

Why am I progressively getting worse when I'm trying to get better at this?

I just want to say to you all I AM SO SORRY! School is taking so much of my time, and when I get home after doing a load of homework, (or avoiding it to take a nap) then eat dinner, whats left of me gets to take a shower,  then sleep, and I get to wake up early the next morning. I am just so thankful I can eat anything. If I was still on a diet as before I would cause harm to something. and also refuse to go to school. :/ whoops I guess you all know what kind of student I am now hahaha, sorry completely off topic. It also doesn't help our main computer crashed, so my mother uses my laptop quite a bit (not that I mind, for the most part) so if I were able to sneak on here, I can't :(.

Here's whats up: My numbness is left to an obnoxious square on the bottom left half of my chin/lip. It's quite comical sometimes, like the other morning I was drinking coffee getting ready for school and I took a sip and realized "what a small sip...".  But not really, 3/4's of that sip was spilled down my shirt, pants and the floor. I was laughing at myself for quite a bit (Just picture the scenario in your head, and I bet you will be chuckling too). Also the surface of the roof of my mouth in the front half is still numb, I was eating ice cream today and my mouth was not very cold. Other than that, a few teeth (that is bothersome actually) . Eating: anything, haven't ventured hard candy, sticky candy, carrots, or an english muffin (I'm a toasted means toasted girl). But things like chips yes (my second meal included chips and guacamole). I was given no limitations, and it scared me allot; still kinda does, but I'm thankful nonetheless.  Pain: yep, everyday. But it's that tolerable kind of pain, and it goes away with one dose of motrin or major distraction, more prominent with stress. Except, on Thursday I had this horrible pain shooting through the split in the lower jaw all the way up into my ear! It started around 10am then just progressively got worse (plus an allergy headache was helping in no way) I went to the Nurse instead of going physics (I couldn't make it up the 3rd flight of stairs, and thats when I knew it was time) and she sent me home. My mommy took the one trammadol she had left that she couldn't give me (the script ran out or some district thing)and I got to take it. My mommy also had a migraine so when we got home we both took 3 hour naps! Then we took another nap after dinner, and then we both slept in really late this morning (I did not have school today it was our "Fair Day"-only in Texas, gosh) I still have a little, but nothing like that (yet).

Ortho Update: I'm on a finishing wire but will be in braces another 5 months :/. she's doing something with my molars (odd how they are still the problem teeth) so, thats no fun. But I'm glad its at that office so thats ok we love them there. :) I'm in allot of pain afterwards but its all gonna be worth it.

Swelling: Sometimes I still feel as if I have a tad of swelling, and I know Ihave a bit from the braces annoying my inside of my mouth.The inside of my mouth really just hates me, my scars are puffy, & I keep biting the inside of my left side of my lip (which I can't feel untill it becomes a kanker sore which is its current state).

That's all I have for you all really, I really do promise this time to try to keep up. I don't even know what day it is, how sad is that :( I will do the math eventually I just have to switch out of my pre-cal class first. Oh boy, school sucks I can tell you that.

I hope you all are doing well! Whether you are recovering, waiting, drooling, eating, or napping (or any other verb that goes along with this whole process). Have a lovely, lovely weekend!

Life's a Party, Wear the Hats :)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

7 Weeks!! And today is day 50!

I hope I'm right on the math. :\ please correct me if I'm wrong!

But more importantly I GET TO EAT!!!!!! And like no restriction at all ( clearly I have to be reasonable and like no hard candies ) But I asked him what CAN'T I eat. He said: You can eat absolutely anything you want. WHAT?!?!?!?! CRAZY. This was a huge deal I almost got up and hugged him!  I was sooo excited both my mom and he chuckled a little bit at me.

Guys, yesterday was soooo great but also a little weird. So we had the appointment and I got pictures for Dr. S and his power point on me hahah, he showed it to us before I had surgery so I feel special haha. Then the nurse did all my like vitals and things and med run down, height, weight, things like that. Then Dr. T came in and we chatted and he was soo happy with the way things were then cleared me for EVERYTHING. Then we said bye, and went to the front desk to schedule our appointment. They said we didn't need to. This made me a bit sad. They introduced us to Ms. A the scheduler and we hugged her and thanked her for everything she had done for us. I wanted to go back in and hug Dr. T and Dr. S too. But I knew they were super busy back there. I mean I go back in 2 weeks for ortho, and its at the same office so hopefully I get to see them a few more times. But it dawned on me if I was at the old orthodontist, we might not ever see them again. So I'm super thankful the way things turned out, I look back and see the troubles we had previously all the tears and anger I had from the other guys- I was (am) grateful for that happening and the way things turned out because with out that I wouldn't be where I am today. With a Phenomenal Surgeon, Wondrous Staff workers, and a well-rounded and Magnificent Team of people working along my side to get me to this place I am today. I cannot imagine not having this surgery, and not going through it with the team of people I had with me. I would do this all over again in a heart beat, maybe sounds a little crazy; but for what I've gained and the people I've met-absolutely.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to get my life organized and post more than weekly!

Life's a party, wear the hats!

Niki :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

6 weeks!

  Yay!!! Sorry guys I'm going to be only able to post weekly from now on. :( I literally have so much work for school it sucks too. One more week and Niki gets to eat!!!! I don't think you guys understand how unfortunate this eating thing has  been for me. Like the other day someone (we are a sharing and swapping group at lunch) offered me cheese its for my pudding! I had to say no and when I got home I cried a little bit, yes I cried. I don't know why this is such a struggle with the food; I look at my face and am happier  than I've ever been but I can't seem to kick the food struggle. My mom keeps saying isn't it worth it though Niki? Well yes mom, absolutely!! but you try to have someone take your super boring pudding you've been eating for the last 6 weeks and offer you your favorite cracker snack!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO SAY NO TO THE DELICIOUS CHEESE ITS AND EAT THE NASTY PUDDING! I am so sorry I just had a little rant. OK I'm done.

  So my numbness- its still the same square, my bottom lip and in my chin area. But here's something to think about: half of that little part (like literally split in half) I can feel hot/cold and small bit of surface. But the other half? Forget about it those guys are still asleep. Teeth are still numb, and my roof of my mouth (surface only). Each morning I'm still getting the wake-up pains from the 6 not-so-friendly screws on the sides. Those pesky little guys better stop soon. Pain  still lingers whenever it wants, it's like its got a key and just walks right in. Doesn't even knock. Anyways, same old same old for the most part. Oh, yes I forgot my little bitty scars on the side ITCH.

  Uhm, I go back in a week for the OK for food!!!!!! HOORAYYY!!! And Ortho appointment then 2 weeks after! woo-hoo! That's really all I got for you all. Oh I'm making a 96 in english! Yay!

  Hope you are all doing well, Fall is coming! Ah its so cute the trees next to our school, they put tree-sweaters on them its quite funny and a bit adorable. I'm just excited because Thanksgiving is coming and that means 1. No school and 2. I WILL BE ABLE TO EAT IT (for the most part) I've always liked Thanksgiving allot though. I like to cook, and bake so a holiday celebrating that is quite wonderful!

  Have a great weekend!

  Life's a party wear the hats (and sweaters!)

  Niki :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 36 Week 5

  OH MY GOD WHY DO I SUCK AT THIS? I am soo sorry guys, I suck at this keep up game now that school (damned school) started
  I had my first official post-op appointment with Dr. Ellis on Wednesday. SHe took off my surgical hooks!!! Yay!!! And she said she put my "finishing wire" in! Now she said like 6 months. (why can I not catch a break in this industry?) I hope she's one of those lower the expectations,expect this but it could really be this, but I don;t wanna get your hopes up unless its actually this. I don't know if that makes any sense at all but I'm on some meds so... Anyways. Ok so I got home and curled up into a ball because, I hurt like HELL!!! AHHH I had to sleep upright again.  So much pain my mother drugged me up the next morning and sent me to school. I was soo out of it I could do some of my work but I was zoned for quite a bit. Anyways, again, Still numb in few parts and screws hurt the most when I wake up.
  UHm food, sucks but I'm finding my toungue is super man of tongues. I can mush cupcakes and rolls and muffins so life is allot better. But what REALLY makes me feel human I think you all will be able to achieve this, NUTRAGRAIN BARS!!!!! We just bought a box thinking mushed fruit I could at least eat the inside, maybe the soft shell part. And  I tell you now, OH MY GOD if you like them GET THEM probably not the first few weeks but at 3 or 4 weeks do it, cause thats when I could mush more. Like I can now mush Reese's cups. MMMMM I will make a list/post soon maybe once I can eat real foods of what I ate when I ate it and the products. I have an appointment in 2 weeks, and I know he's going to say I can chew, he told me thats what he's going to say. What's really killing me though, is it's supposed to be next week but he's not in the office next week! SO I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!!!!!!! I don't wanna go behind his back cause he said 6 weeks but I just really want the Ok from him he is like ruler over all this and I am A OK with that!!!. I don't wanna mess anything up, so I wait as time ticks ever so slowly. For an extra 7 full days. Oh well. Jiff to-go works well in my lunch, easy to eat (now, not 2 weeks ago) and high protein too. :) Nutella in a little jar too, MMMM. Still ice-cream, mac and cheese, risotto, and pasta-rice dishes, soup, mushy fruits, yogurt, mashed potatoes. ANd Nurtagrain bars, Guys I eat like 3 a day. And no shame.  NOTE: I am not chewing I have a Super-Man tongue for mushing against the roof of my mouth. Uhm, yeah I hope this covers allot since I've missed soo much. Again I am soooo sorry. :(

Glad to see everyone's doing well for the most part!!! I love you all!!!

Life's a party, wear the hats

Niki :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 28 or 4 Weeks

  Which ever you prefer, call it so. And it's here.  I still can't tell some days if this has been a fast 4 weeks, or a slow 28 days. Guessing a mix of both. Anyways, I'm just glad I'm not sick anymore, however I have an appointment tomorrow so missing class is inevitable. But its my birthday tomorrow, so I'm at the point where it doesn't even matter. I don't care. (it helps that I'm missing physics and I have a shitty teacher, hooray for me) UHG I don't like the questions I'm getting  from my family "where do you want to go for your birthday dinner?" they all say with smug grins. It really just upsets me. Clearly, the food is my hardest challenge, and as progressed as (I think) I am, I'm not going to be given any chewing clearing. Birthday Girl, or no Birthday Girl.

 I have convinced my mom to take me to Starbucks after the appointment ( I know he'll at least clear me for straws, right?) and I will  be getting a venti caramel frappuccino with extra caramel. Awful I know, but if I cant eat anything, I'l be drinking a days worth of calories in... I'll give myself 30 minutes to polish it off. My poor mother. Hahaha, oh well. My Aunt is coming into town! Hooray!!! Not for my birthday, but for a visit. My siblings were supposed to come down for the weekend (and my birthday) but they can't make it. Bummer, its the thought that counts right? Alright, My face hurts, still. But my lip/chin square of numbness, started tingling/itching hooray! Good news right? Ok well, I'm officially off pain killers :( for now...

  I hope everyone has a lovely labor day, and weekend. Sorry this was about my birthday and not about my jaw, I really don't know what else to talk about. I will have more tomorrow since I will know something, I will get all my questions answered this time. I normally forget 2 or 3 or 4. But I will report.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Life's a party, wear the hats
Niki :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 27...still at home

  I'm still at home, which I'm taking as a chance to just keep things slow. Hopefully give my body some rest-time so I don't get sick again. That would be the worst, especially cause I've missed so much already and I'll miss more on Friday. ( but I'm ok with that one) I mean who didn't wanna go home early from school on their birthday to a 3 day weekend? Any ways, I'm off my trammadol & un-happy about it because its killing me knowing there is more in the cupboard, and I was supposed to have taken it this week then be done. But I'm trying to look at it as, when we need it most we have it. Boy is it hard when you wake up and can feel the screws in the side of your face **I am not numb on the inside I don't know if any of you are or not either, I just wanted to disclose that**.

  Anyways (again) I take tylenol and motrin, but those of you who know there's nothing that gets rid of pain like your pain meds. Actually there's nothing like that damn pain pump I'm still bitter about. This is why drugs are bad for you kids. I have been lounging, and taking tylenol (try to switch motrin out every so often, I believe it helps) and motrin too. And continuously watching the Food Network and my new obsession the Cooking Channel. Bad for me, yes I admit. But I feel its better than depressing news, and more weather people telling us its the 60-something day of being 100 degrees. Oh Texas... :/ 

  My numbness is not really improving on that square, when I get more programs for my laptop (hopefully for my birthday), I will show you all. Its sad  really, I don't even have Word yet. Goodness, my nose is better though. My pain, well was stated above, and active-ness, from past posts, you can tell I am sick. But I honestly thought I was going to school today just unfortunately things didn't go the way we needed them to. But I'm seeing this as an oportunity to help stay down an extra week-ish. AHHHH! TOMORROW IS 4 WEEKS!!! Sorry, that just hit me. WHOA. Alright well, on news of soda, I CALLED AND THEY SAID YESSSS. I did some serious self party-ing. And my mother went on a soda spree!!! I have pictures, and will post them to my posts, my mom keeps taking the camera. :/ But I promise they will come!!! They aren't really like everyone else's and I want to say I'm sorry, but mine are more day to day regular pictures. Maybe they will help too, just like a different view, I dunno I'm sorry. But the coke was delicious, it was almost as if life was brilliant, everything was right, and I could eat real food. I mean I can't, but it brought a joy to me I had been lacking.  That's life for me. I hope you didn't find it too bad.  

  Now I must go email my teachers (once again), and get my work I am missing. BLRGSDJHKD. I hope everyone is great, having a fun summer, and just enjoying life. 

  Life's a party, wear the hats
  Niki :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Days Twenty-somethings or others...

  So I'm sick. Cool. I knew school was going to be bad, but for it to get me sick! GAHHH. This frustrates me because if you miss a day of school, you are basically screwed, and pissed. Especially now. Especially Junior year. Damn teachers making junior year all so important. I HATE SCHOOL. Sorry, that was bad of me I am ranting and I probably shouldn't be. I just wish I was back to week one, where all I did was watch movies, and sleep, and not worry about anything but making sure my pain was under control. But I'm not and there's nothing I can do about it. So, today while I'm missing school I will do the boat load of homework my teachers gave to me, that was supposed to be done over the weekend that I spent on the couch, being sick. Because of school.

  Ok, so Friday, Day 22. Was well, not so good. My friend Summer and I normally ride the train at the same time, we have since freshman year. But with my face being in not so good shape, I couldn't take the train. Come to find out she had ankle surgery a week after I had jaw surgery. She was not up to taking the train. So we (our parents) figured out a carpool schedule. Friday was an assembly during the last class of the day. So naturally from the assembly we went the shortest way to my mother's car. Wasn't good for either of us. Since we were both under the intoxication of strong pain medicines, we forgot the way we were walking had steps. not just stairs BIG INDIVIDUAL STEPS. We both didn't notice them. We both not expectantly fumbled. She to the ground, and I to one leg, making me chomp down. Making the screws in my right side of my face feel-able, and the broken part. It hurt like hell. I advise to all of you, WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Devil steps are just waiting for you to trip on them. I'm praying to God I didn't injure or mess anything up. I see my Surgeon on Friday (my birthday woo-hoo!) So I'll find out then. I iced it when I got home and drank some more chocolate milk, hoping the calcium would reverse any effect. I don't know what I'm talking about but whatever. I had a delisious pasta dish, my mother figured since I'd had a bad day. But I cut it up and I got to mush it with my tounge, AHHH IT WAS SO GOOD. Anyways that was my day

  Saturday day 23, I woke up fine, ate breakfast, Pancakes with syrup to mush well. Try it guys, and chocolate chips the melty ones, make it easier and tastier too. I was fine. Then I got the sick feeling so I took a nap. 4 HOURS LATER (again due to school and a lack of sleep) I woke up and still felt sick. An hour later it was 10 times worse. I absolutely hate being sick. I was hot/cold, goosebumps/sweat. AWFUL. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I hate sickness. I couldn't move very much. So doing homework was out of the equation completely. I was pissed, and miserable. That was my day. And my mother is trying to get me off my trammadol so I was in pain all day too. Numbness got a little better though.

  Sunday day 24, Same sickness. My parents went to church I stayed home and lay on the couch miserable. To make matters worse, they come home and plan to grill hamburgers for lunch. Why me? I think of a plan to escape and possibly make myself feel better. A bath. I escape the burgers and feel a bit better in the bath. Turns out it made me feel lots better and I stayed in the bath for quite a few hours. I actually read a book. I do not read, I'm not a reader. I don't enjoy it at all. I wish I did! Only it bores the life out of me. The bath actually helped with the swelling too. I have only a tad left but still some. And it helped the pain. That was my day.

  Sorry I am terrible at keeping up, I am super busy and sick. Yuck. Two things I hate. Also, sorry this is such a down post, if I get to feeling better and I finish my homework tonight I will post again and make it more upbeat. BUT on a happiest of note the top stitch, the alar stich? IT CAME OUT THIS MORNING! So I will be calling my surgeons office asking if I can drink a carbonated soda by now, since that stitch cam out I will make sure to tell them too, hopefully they will agree to let me. Nothing would make me happier right now (except the foods I can't eat, but I'm trying to be realistic as hard as it may be) than a real Coke. Diet, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, ANY COKE I DON'T CARE. When did you all start drinking sodas?  Just wondering.

  Alright, hope you are all doing well, or better than I am.

  Life's a party (whether it's fun or not), wear the hats.

  Niki :)