Saturday, June 25, 2011

Choice Made

  Okay so yesterday we went to the Head of the Department of Maxillo-Facial Surgery. My mother and I decided and set it in stone he shall be my surgeon. She says to everyone who she's come into contact "I get to have the head surgeon work on my baby..." Hahahahaa. Mother, it was only yesterday how do you talk to 2358361982 people in 24 hours? Oh well it is very nice and a great feeling. I'm super excited!! However, he said he would contact my orthodontist before any further decisions etc to be made. Problem: my orthodontist was unhappy to hear we needed a new surgeon, letter of recommendation (we snuck around and got it from our dentist instead to get on the waiting list asap), and a snappy timeline to get this done this summer. We are not going to settle for an extra year long wait like last year. Which leads me to think it will take a super long time. So we will bug the orthodontist office to no tomorrow come Monday.

  I've been reading soo many more of these blogs now that mother finally convinced me to start my own. They're all so exciting and very helpful, is it weird when I read the stories from the beginning and get to the surgery part I get all excited and nervous for them? Hahahaa I'm foolish, oh well, you guys all look phenomenal I can't wait! But because I cherish my summers greatly I also can... (but still can't) Sorry I'm so weird.

Life's a party, wear the hats.


  1. Hi Niki,

    You are officially my first "follower". I was starting to wonder if anyone other than my mother read this blog of mine. Looks like you are in the early phase, as am I. You are very wise to take care of this now, because the older you get, the more complicated it becomes. I look forward to seeing how things turn out for you!

    ~Nikki to my family and close friends :)

  2. Hi Niki!
    Congrats on you decision! You will be very happy to get this taken care of now!! Keep us posted of your progress!

  3. Nichole and Brent,

    Thanks guys! It's been quite a journey since my first and original surgeon didn't work out, but now were back on track! Hopefully surgery will be soon, I am very thankful to get it done now.

    Nichole- your blog is great glad to be a follwer! Keep posting your progress, and I am in the early phase but I've been in it for quite a while (2years) due to a picky orthodontist, but I'm still keeping my (very small) chin up! Cool that we basically have the same name!

    Brent- thank you I'm very excited about it and he's great! I definatley will, you too! Cheers to you as well.

    Thanks guys I enjoyed reading both your blogs keep posting! Go Team Surgery 2011!