Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Stuff

   Guys, I bought myself a laptop the other day, I'm so proud and happy of/with my purchase. Now I will post more,  have my own personal entertainment, and next year for school eliminate the amount of homework I won't (now wouldn't have gotten) get done. I've actually been looking for one for the past year now, I take a train to school, and its a good 40-45 min ride so I could easily start a paper or something or get a kick start on a research project. Also my school requires us to do "crew hours" so whenever I'm staying late I can just whip this out and get going. It was just an all around perfect investment.

  So, look forward to more posts, also on the whole orthodontist thing, my mother called my Surgeon's office and Orthodontist's office on Friday. My Surgeon had sent the letter to the Orthodontist, and so they were supposed to be getting it on Saturday. So I'm calling them tomorrow. I may seem psycho, BUT if you knew my Orthodontist (and the girls working the desks etc) you would be checking up on them too,or not. Maybe I am psycho but either way I will stay on their backs about this. I am having this surgery in July. No excuses. Unless of course my Surgeon has a valid excuse, but my Orthodontist should not set this back due to his stubborn and controlling attitude. (as you can tell my Orthodontist and I are not on the best of terms) Any ways, we'll see what they say!

Life's a party, wear the hats.


  1. Hi Nicki -

    How is that new computer?! Any updates from the orthodontist??


  2. Hey Brent!

    It's beautiful hahaha, never knew I could love a piece of technology (besides my Ipod of course) so much. Well, my orthodontist is being a not-so-nice-person he isn't too happy with who we chose for a surgeon. They haven't called us in the past 2 weeks, although they do take a week off for 4th of July Holiday, the 1st of the 2 breaks they get a year, the other being Christmas. But I'm hoping when they get back they can get the ball rolling, and fast.

    How are you in your progress, you haven't posted in a while, did you have a crazy week off for 4th of July as well?

    Hope all is well with you!

    Life's a party, wear the hats.