Thursday, September 15, 2011

6 weeks!

  Yay!!! Sorry guys I'm going to be only able to post weekly from now on. :( I literally have so much work for school it sucks too. One more week and Niki gets to eat!!!! I don't think you guys understand how unfortunate this eating thing has  been for me. Like the other day someone (we are a sharing and swapping group at lunch) offered me cheese its for my pudding! I had to say no and when I got home I cried a little bit, yes I cried. I don't know why this is such a struggle with the food; I look at my face and am happier  than I've ever been but I can't seem to kick the food struggle. My mom keeps saying isn't it worth it though Niki? Well yes mom, absolutely!! but you try to have someone take your super boring pudding you've been eating for the last 6 weeks and offer you your favorite cracker snack!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO SAY NO TO THE DELICIOUS CHEESE ITS AND EAT THE NASTY PUDDING! I am so sorry I just had a little rant. OK I'm done.

  So my numbness- its still the same square, my bottom lip and in my chin area. But here's something to think about: half of that little part (like literally split in half) I can feel hot/cold and small bit of surface. But the other half? Forget about it those guys are still asleep. Teeth are still numb, and my roof of my mouth (surface only). Each morning I'm still getting the wake-up pains from the 6 not-so-friendly screws on the sides. Those pesky little guys better stop soon. Pain  still lingers whenever it wants, it's like its got a key and just walks right in. Doesn't even knock. Anyways, same old same old for the most part. Oh, yes I forgot my little bitty scars on the side ITCH.

  Uhm, I go back in a week for the OK for food!!!!!! HOORAYYY!!! And Ortho appointment then 2 weeks after! woo-hoo! That's really all I got for you all. Oh I'm making a 96 in english! Yay!

  Hope you are all doing well, Fall is coming! Ah its so cute the trees next to our school, they put tree-sweaters on them its quite funny and a bit adorable. I'm just excited because Thanksgiving is coming and that means 1. No school and 2. I WILL BE ABLE TO EAT IT (for the most part) I've always liked Thanksgiving allot though. I like to cook, and bake so a holiday celebrating that is quite wonderful!

  Have a great weekend!

  Life's a party wear the hats (and sweaters!)

  Niki :)


  1. I know how you feel with food believe me. I don't remember exactly what we were talking about but my friends comeback was "well go chew some pizza" as if to say "well screw you" kind of thing... clearly we are very nice to each other.. but anyways that insult (she was kidding) just made me feel so terrible that I started to cry. And it was completely irrational but that was like the worst thing she could say to me because that is all I want to do is be able to chew, especially pizza and I can't yet. So you are not alone in your food struggles!

    Congrats on your english grade! And just think this time next week you will (hopefully) be chewing some delicious foods!! :) Good luck on getting the okay from your surgeon for chewing and with school!

  2. Hi Niki!
    Hang in there, soon you will be free to "go forth and conquer the food world!" What we are going through is very difficult...essentially going from independence one day; then being completely dependent the next day. I experience that as being very hard...I like my independence! But, like everything else, this too will pass and we will be stronger for it!

    Keep the faith!

  3. Jamie, AWWW That is the worst!!!! My friends did that too, well they made fun of me that way as well! We are in the same boat but now we show them!!! I hope school is going well for you too, and I'm gad you got some delicious pizza!!

    Brent, Yes the food world shall be conquered in just a few days with my new chompers :) Hahaha. Yes I completely agree, you put it into words perfectly!!! Hope you are doing well!

    Have a great weekend guys!!