Saturday, September 24, 2011

7 Weeks!! And today is day 50!

I hope I'm right on the math. :\ please correct me if I'm wrong!

But more importantly I GET TO EAT!!!!!! And like no restriction at all ( clearly I have to be reasonable and like no hard candies ) But I asked him what CAN'T I eat. He said: You can eat absolutely anything you want. WHAT?!?!?!?! CRAZY. This was a huge deal I almost got up and hugged him!  I was sooo excited both my mom and he chuckled a little bit at me.

Guys, yesterday was soooo great but also a little weird. So we had the appointment and I got pictures for Dr. S and his power point on me hahah, he showed it to us before I had surgery so I feel special haha. Then the nurse did all my like vitals and things and med run down, height, weight, things like that. Then Dr. T came in and we chatted and he was soo happy with the way things were then cleared me for EVERYTHING. Then we said bye, and went to the front desk to schedule our appointment. They said we didn't need to. This made me a bit sad. They introduced us to Ms. A the scheduler and we hugged her and thanked her for everything she had done for us. I wanted to go back in and hug Dr. T and Dr. S too. But I knew they were super busy back there. I mean I go back in 2 weeks for ortho, and its at the same office so hopefully I get to see them a few more times. But it dawned on me if I was at the old orthodontist, we might not ever see them again. So I'm super thankful the way things turned out, I look back and see the troubles we had previously all the tears and anger I had from the other guys- I was (am) grateful for that happening and the way things turned out because with out that I wouldn't be where I am today. With a Phenomenal Surgeon, Wondrous Staff workers, and a well-rounded and Magnificent Team of people working along my side to get me to this place I am today. I cannot imagine not having this surgery, and not going through it with the team of people I had with me. I would do this all over again in a heart beat, maybe sounds a little crazy; but for what I've gained and the people I've met-absolutely.

Have a great weekend everyone! I hope to get my life organized and post more than weekly!

Life's a party, wear the hats!

Niki :)


  1. Congratulations on being able to eat anything!!! I still have another week or so before I am off of soft- solid foods and on to pretty much anything.

    But I have a quick question for you.. I know that you probably just started chewing but even though you were cleared to be able to chew anything can you? because technically I am allowed to eat most things but I just physically cannot do it. It either hurts too badly or I just don't have enough power in my jaws to chew it. Like all bread in general is just too hard to eat.

  2. WOW.. what a milestone! I haven't even had surgery yet and I'm looking forward to that date!

    I understand what you mean about the "team" of doctors and staff that are with you throughout this process. I absolutely feel the same way. I started with Dr. T a year with my wisdom teeth extraction and immediately trusted him with everything. Love him and his staff!

    Your blog is very encouraging and full of inspiration. Thanks again for sharing.

    God Bless!

  3. Congrats Niki!

    Glad to hear that you are free from the dreaded restrictive diet!! Next stop...braces off!