Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 36 Week 5

  OH MY GOD WHY DO I SUCK AT THIS? I am soo sorry guys, I suck at this keep up game now that school (damned school) started
  I had my first official post-op appointment with Dr. Ellis on Wednesday. SHe took off my surgical hooks!!! Yay!!! And she said she put my "finishing wire" in! Now she said like 6 months. (why can I not catch a break in this industry?) I hope she's one of those lower the expectations,expect this but it could really be this, but I don;t wanna get your hopes up unless its actually this. I don't know if that makes any sense at all but I'm on some meds so... Anyways. Ok so I got home and curled up into a ball because, I hurt like HELL!!! AHHH I had to sleep upright again.  So much pain my mother drugged me up the next morning and sent me to school. I was soo out of it I could do some of my work but I was zoned for quite a bit. Anyways, again, Still numb in few parts and screws hurt the most when I wake up.
  UHm food, sucks but I'm finding my toungue is super man of tongues. I can mush cupcakes and rolls and muffins so life is allot better. But what REALLY makes me feel human I think you all will be able to achieve this, NUTRAGRAIN BARS!!!!! We just bought a box thinking mushed fruit I could at least eat the inside, maybe the soft shell part. And  I tell you now, OH MY GOD if you like them GET THEM probably not the first few weeks but at 3 or 4 weeks do it, cause thats when I could mush more. Like I can now mush Reese's cups. MMMMM I will make a list/post soon maybe once I can eat real foods of what I ate when I ate it and the products. I have an appointment in 2 weeks, and I know he's going to say I can chew, he told me thats what he's going to say. What's really killing me though, is it's supposed to be next week but he's not in the office next week! SO I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK!!!!!!! I don't wanna go behind his back cause he said 6 weeks but I just really want the Ok from him he is like ruler over all this and I am A OK with that!!!. I don't wanna mess anything up, so I wait as time ticks ever so slowly. For an extra 7 full days. Oh well. Jiff to-go works well in my lunch, easy to eat (now, not 2 weeks ago) and high protein too. :) Nutella in a little jar too, MMMM. Still ice-cream, mac and cheese, risotto, and pasta-rice dishes, soup, mushy fruits, yogurt, mashed potatoes. ANd Nurtagrain bars, Guys I eat like 3 a day. And no shame.  NOTE: I am not chewing I have a Super-Man tongue for mushing against the roof of my mouth. Uhm, yeah I hope this covers allot since I've missed soo much. Again I am soooo sorry. :(

Glad to see everyone's doing well for the most part!!! I love you all!!!

Life's a party, wear the hats

Niki :)


  1. Yay for no surgical hooks!! Mine come off next week! And I also am in love with Reese cups! I managed to eat two today very successfully, minimal chocolate on my face and brackets! And I have been pretty much eating the same foods. I have been back at school for less than a week and have had mac and cheese three times already! Noodles are definitely the best option, they make me feel less horrible about not chewing.

    And my major is Human Biology with an emphasis in Health Science, just in case you didn't see my comment on your comment. :)

    Glad to hear you are doing pretty well and good luck with your superman tongue and Nutragrain Bars!

  2. Hi Niki!
    Ug, another week, hang in there! What will be the first thing you eat??!!!
    I can kinda chew...soft food...and it is still very sore!
    Keep us posted!

  3. Jamie,

    Ah, yess best thing is to accomplish eating something (no matter how wrong or incorrectly you eat it it still counts!!) Pasta pasta pasta yesss, and I cannot imagine majoring in science sounds like you've got a great handle on it though! Thank you!!!

    Yes if anything has taken longer its going to be 10 times worse watching this next week go by!! Oh my gosh I've got like soo many things, A quesadilla (thats soft-ish right?) sushi (maybe) and a sandwhich (not toasted) and baked goods, I will be baking soo many things. I am a big baker so I am sooo excited! But this is subject to change depending on my limitations my surgeon gives me.
    I can imagine, ah but hey food soft or not!!! Chewing is such a milestone for us I feel like we're so strange but given our circumstances absolutely not!!!

    Thank you!!

    Niki :)