Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm dumb.

  So I ask my mother everyday if anyone calls her; I mean who is going to call me, the minor, and when my mother leaves her phone number for everyone the choice is clear. So my plan of calling them yesterday began like so:

  I asked for my orthodontist's number and told her my plan. She pointed out the reasoning of why that really wouldn't do much. We can only do so much until the insurance or the surgeon's office calls us. Only then can things from our standpoint advance. Then I realized she has completely reasonable and valid points, and that I am dumb.

Oh by the way I'm drawing a cat, but I didn't get it finished over the weekend if anyone even wanted to see it. If anyone wants I'll show you when I'm done. Sorry. :\

Life's a party, wear the hats.

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