Wednesday, July 13, 2011


everything just keeps getting worse, I'm done looking on the "bright side" for now.


  1. Why so down? Try not to stress about surgery stuff. It is usually a really long process with multiple changes and frustrations.

  2. Hi Niki
    Hang in there, I agree with the post above - this is a long process with highs and lows! Remember you motto - "life is a party wear a hat"! Maybe try wearing a football helmet right now and dig in for the next turn in the road. Before you know it you will be getting a phone call from the orthodontist!
    Keep the faith and moral up!!

  3. Thanks guys I really appreciate your sweet comments, I'm going to start looking on the bright side again. I am realizing I did wait an extra year so what's a few weeks. Trust me I've got that helmet on now, and a few extra elbow pads. I'm just gonna take in what comes at me, fingers crossed. I hope you both are doing well! Thanks again guys I truly appreciate it

    Life is a party wear the hat (or helmet).