Monday, August 29, 2011

Days Twenty-somethings or others...

  So I'm sick. Cool. I knew school was going to be bad, but for it to get me sick! GAHHH. This frustrates me because if you miss a day of school, you are basically screwed, and pissed. Especially now. Especially Junior year. Damn teachers making junior year all so important. I HATE SCHOOL. Sorry, that was bad of me I am ranting and I probably shouldn't be. I just wish I was back to week one, where all I did was watch movies, and sleep, and not worry about anything but making sure my pain was under control. But I'm not and there's nothing I can do about it. So, today while I'm missing school I will do the boat load of homework my teachers gave to me, that was supposed to be done over the weekend that I spent on the couch, being sick. Because of school.

  Ok, so Friday, Day 22. Was well, not so good. My friend Summer and I normally ride the train at the same time, we have since freshman year. But with my face being in not so good shape, I couldn't take the train. Come to find out she had ankle surgery a week after I had jaw surgery. She was not up to taking the train. So we (our parents) figured out a carpool schedule. Friday was an assembly during the last class of the day. So naturally from the assembly we went the shortest way to my mother's car. Wasn't good for either of us. Since we were both under the intoxication of strong pain medicines, we forgot the way we were walking had steps. not just stairs BIG INDIVIDUAL STEPS. We both didn't notice them. We both not expectantly fumbled. She to the ground, and I to one leg, making me chomp down. Making the screws in my right side of my face feel-able, and the broken part. It hurt like hell. I advise to all of you, WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Devil steps are just waiting for you to trip on them. I'm praying to God I didn't injure or mess anything up. I see my Surgeon on Friday (my birthday woo-hoo!) So I'll find out then. I iced it when I got home and drank some more chocolate milk, hoping the calcium would reverse any effect. I don't know what I'm talking about but whatever. I had a delisious pasta dish, my mother figured since I'd had a bad day. But I cut it up and I got to mush it with my tounge, AHHH IT WAS SO GOOD. Anyways that was my day

  Saturday day 23, I woke up fine, ate breakfast, Pancakes with syrup to mush well. Try it guys, and chocolate chips the melty ones, make it easier and tastier too. I was fine. Then I got the sick feeling so I took a nap. 4 HOURS LATER (again due to school and a lack of sleep) I woke up and still felt sick. An hour later it was 10 times worse. I absolutely hate being sick. I was hot/cold, goosebumps/sweat. AWFUL. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. I hate sickness. I couldn't move very much. So doing homework was out of the equation completely. I was pissed, and miserable. That was my day. And my mother is trying to get me off my trammadol so I was in pain all day too. Numbness got a little better though.

  Sunday day 24, Same sickness. My parents went to church I stayed home and lay on the couch miserable. To make matters worse, they come home and plan to grill hamburgers for lunch. Why me? I think of a plan to escape and possibly make myself feel better. A bath. I escape the burgers and feel a bit better in the bath. Turns out it made me feel lots better and I stayed in the bath for quite a few hours. I actually read a book. I do not read, I'm not a reader. I don't enjoy it at all. I wish I did! Only it bores the life out of me. The bath actually helped with the swelling too. I have only a tad left but still some. And it helped the pain. That was my day.

  Sorry I am terrible at keeping up, I am super busy and sick. Yuck. Two things I hate. Also, sorry this is such a down post, if I get to feeling better and I finish my homework tonight I will post again and make it more upbeat. BUT on a happiest of note the top stitch, the alar stich? IT CAME OUT THIS MORNING! So I will be calling my surgeons office asking if I can drink a carbonated soda by now, since that stitch cam out I will make sure to tell them too, hopefully they will agree to let me. Nothing would make me happier right now (except the foods I can't eat, but I'm trying to be realistic as hard as it may be) than a real Coke. Diet, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, ANY COKE I DON'T CARE. When did you all start drinking sodas?  Just wondering.

  Alright, hope you are all doing well, or better than I am.

  Life's a party (whether it's fun or not), wear the hats.

  Niki :)


  1. That all sounds lousy (except for the pancakes)! Hang in there and feel better!!

  2. Thank you Amanda! It is, trust me. Take vitamins everyday, and take it easy the first FEW weeks. 2 weeks, was clearly not enough time. And just vitamin C doesn't take care of it all, I thought it would. The pancakes, yes absolutely add to the list of mush foods for you post surgery, they are delicious (and make you feel normal)!!! Thank you again, I hope your teeth are feeling better, and moving as fast as they can!!! :)

  3. Hi Niki!
    Wow, rough times for you, hang in there! As far as your fall, I would bet you are fine. The screws and plates are very strong, not to mention that by now in your recovery your bones have been minding like crazy! To put things (maybe) into prespective, I broke my collar bone many years ago and my ortho doctor said that after two weeks the bone had minded strong enough for me to begin I did~!

    As far as soda, I have not ventured into that land yet is so corrosive that I worry about how it would impact all the appliances in my mouth!

    Keep your chin up, and I hope you feel better!

  4. Brent!!

    Thank you! Seems kinda the same for you, I guess we've hit some weird 3 week wall of ehh. I figured, since I've been drinking so much chocolate milk, which is rare for me I don't like anything milk, or anything added calcium (I can taste an added chalkyness, everyone thinks I'm a bit crazy). So I bet my bones are just in heaven. Wow, collarbone, then swimming two weeks after? The body is so strange sometimes, but neat too. Nothing seems to have shifted and I can still feel an even-ness to the places that were split on the sides of my face where the bone is. (if that makes sense??)
    And I called the office and they said it was ok!!! I've always been a soda drinker and I admit, I know how bad it is for you and your teeth, but I just can't break the habit :) I am bad when it comes to things that stain your teeth, coffee, soda, tea, etc. But I do brush my teeth at least twice a day, and I have a favorite mouthwash I use. So my teeth and I are on fairly good terms. :)

    Thank you again!!!
    Well Wishes to you also!!
    Niki :)