Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 27...still at home

  I'm still at home, which I'm taking as a chance to just keep things slow. Hopefully give my body some rest-time so I don't get sick again. That would be the worst, especially cause I've missed so much already and I'll miss more on Friday. ( but I'm ok with that one) I mean who didn't wanna go home early from school on their birthday to a 3 day weekend? Any ways, I'm off my trammadol & un-happy about it because its killing me knowing there is more in the cupboard, and I was supposed to have taken it this week then be done. But I'm trying to look at it as, when we need it most we have it. Boy is it hard when you wake up and can feel the screws in the side of your face **I am not numb on the inside I don't know if any of you are or not either, I just wanted to disclose that**.

  Anyways (again) I take tylenol and motrin, but those of you who know there's nothing that gets rid of pain like your pain meds. Actually there's nothing like that damn pain pump I'm still bitter about. This is why drugs are bad for you kids. I have been lounging, and taking tylenol (try to switch motrin out every so often, I believe it helps) and motrin too. And continuously watching the Food Network and my new obsession the Cooking Channel. Bad for me, yes I admit. But I feel its better than depressing news, and more weather people telling us its the 60-something day of being 100 degrees. Oh Texas... :/ 

  My numbness is not really improving on that square, when I get more programs for my laptop (hopefully for my birthday), I will show you all. Its sad  really, I don't even have Word yet. Goodness, my nose is better though. My pain, well was stated above, and active-ness, from past posts, you can tell I am sick. But I honestly thought I was going to school today just unfortunately things didn't go the way we needed them to. But I'm seeing this as an oportunity to help stay down an extra week-ish. AHHHH! TOMORROW IS 4 WEEKS!!! Sorry, that just hit me. WHOA. Alright well, on news of soda, I CALLED AND THEY SAID YESSSS. I did some serious self party-ing. And my mother went on a soda spree!!! I have pictures, and will post them to my posts, my mom keeps taking the camera. :/ But I promise they will come!!! They aren't really like everyone else's and I want to say I'm sorry, but mine are more day to day regular pictures. Maybe they will help too, just like a different view, I dunno I'm sorry. But the coke was delicious, it was almost as if life was brilliant, everything was right, and I could eat real food. I mean I can't, but it brought a joy to me I had been lacking.  That's life for me. I hope you didn't find it too bad.  

  Now I must go email my teachers (once again), and get my work I am missing. BLRGSDJHKD. I hope everyone is great, having a fun summer, and just enjoying life. 

  Life's a party, wear the hats
  Niki :)


  1. Aww I'm sorry you are still not feeling very well! I hope over your long weekend you will get better and be able to have some fun! I know how you feel about stopping your medicine and knowing that you still have some left. But unlike you I am still numb on the inside, I cannot feel my gums or cheeks or anything, but I think that is preferable to being able to feel the screws.
    I agree the Food Network is pretty fantastic. And much better than the news, and I think that I would die if the weather was that hot for that long. That is why I am staying in the Midwest, it still gets hot, but not nearly for that long.
    And YAY for pop! I didn't know that drinking pop was a bad thing after surgery.. I think I started drinking it like 2.5-3 weeks post op and it was pretty fantastic! My surgeon never mentioned it. Oh well.
    I hope you start feeling better soon and are able to enjoy your long weekend! Good luck!

  2. Jamie,

    Thanks, and I hope so too. Gah meds are the worsttt. Very lucky, I know that mine was like one of those, hey we did it this way not that. So they were all proud and I'm there freaking out because it was hurting badly. Oh well, I'm just super glad I got it done :)
    Yes, hot weather can be my best friend and worst enemy, but I'd like it if the seasons were correct.Sometimes I'd rather be hot more than cold. But I also want snow when its cold time. Nonsense cold is, nonsense. Hahaha, good life plan.
    Well, ours was just on the discharge papers, it said 2-3 weeks post op so we called at 2 weeks and they said to wait another week. Sooo fantastic I agree!

    Good luck at college, have a good weekend too!!
    Thanks again! :)

  3. Hi Niki!
    Bummer you are still not feeling better! I too have feeling on the inside of my mouth, and frankly if I didn't have my "special meds" this experience would be even worse! We can't be on them for ever, but it sure does help while it is painful period of healing.
    Glad to hear you got the soda machine rolling! Ahh, the small comforts of life - right?!
    Enjoy your lone weekend!

  4. Brent!!

    Thank you, and yes, sick is gross but I'm better now :) Hooray! And really? You can feel the mess of appliances too? Yay, I have someone in the same boat with me! Team not-so-numb. I definatley agree, but I'm getting to the point of just regular pain reducers, it is quite a road.
    Yes, absolutely!!! Soda soda soda, goodness I am such a child. Hahaha :)

    Thank you, I hope your weekend goes well too

    Have a Happy Labor Day
    Niki :)