Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 10

  So My brother left for college. Sad day. :( My mom and I were left to the house I mean just for the day, but still.  I got to help him pack the truck I mean probably more than I should have worked but hey I helped what I could. I picked the little bags too, and he appreciated it. During good-bye's I gave him a big hug and made sure to tell him thank you for everything he did for me. The older we got the closer our relationship is/has become. Its nice but also he's off in college now so its like I don't see him much, but I appreciate him when he comes home so its okay I guess.  I hope I'm not losing people This is very un-related to Jaw surgery sorry. Ok back to the point.

  So, after Eric and my Dad left we had the day to ourselves. So I went back to sleep/took a nap and my mom was watching TV when I woke up. She said I should go out and suggested we go to the grocery store. So we left after I got dressed which takes like 10 seconds, which is very nice. We got ice creams (yummy ones), a new pudding flavor, mashed potato packages, some like chinese rice noodle bowls things, juices, and stuff for my mom to make a peach cobbler mmmmm (hers is like super gooey and delish so we figured I could at least try it and if not we can blend it). Also we saw a couple people and I got hugs and such so it was good. But by the end I was quite worn out so enough was enough. But it was an adventure. OH! and that nasty antibiotic, I took medicines after we got home, and the antibiotic was one of them. And I threw up. Oh My God. It was the worst thing ever. Probably the worst thing during this recovery, worse than when I was in the hospital and they gave me no pain medicines at all. I absolutely hate throwing up. Oh my gosh I can not explain how much I loathe it. Glad it is gone, my mommy said that its enough, no more antibiotic. Yay for me! I have to take it again if I start getting a fever but hopefully that won't happen.

  That's all folks! Hahahaa, I don't know what else to say everything's really the same...

  Life's  a party wear the hats.

  Niki :)

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