Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 8

  Whoa, that's weird. TODAY- 8/12/2011 is Day 8.

  Oh well, at least the posts are posting.  The appointment with the surgeon, went soo well!!! I was soooo glad when he took the 10 or 12 rubber bands off and I got to brush my teeth. Hooray!!! and he only put 2 back on!!! He was super excited about my results too, it was really cool. He just kept saying it looked soo good, this makes me super happy because I love it too. I just kept saying thank you to him, he seemed a little like confused that I was saying it so much, but guys, I LOVE THIS. It is absolutely worth the tremendous amounts of pain, liquid/mush foods, odd numbness, lip peeling/chapping, and that disgusting antibiotic. I cannot express enough happiness I have, when I see an off-guard profile shot. Maybe when I get more control of my face muscles I will be able to hah! Oh yes, we saw the xrays, WHOA. I know why I hurt so much.

  I have a total of ...

  • 32 SCREWS.
  • 26 of those screws are on my top jaw
  • 6 of them are on my lower jaw (and they are HUGE) 
  • 6 Plates (top jaw only)

  Ouch, but well worth it.

 Dr. S and I! Hooray!!!
 In the office chair, with Trusty.
 See all the fun stuff on top??
Look on the sides, see how big-ish the screws on the side are??

  Life's a party, wear the hats

  Niki :)


  1. Niki,

    You are so darn cute...and so is Trusty. LOL! Seriously though, you look fantastic for only being a week out. I must agree that your profile is awesome! Wait til all the swelling goes down...the end result will be amazing. From your before pics I can tell that your surgery was probably one that had to be done with great care and caution to make sure things turned out well. Your surgeon did a fabulous job!

    Congrats on making it "over the hump", as the first 7 days are definitely the hardest. Can't wait to follow your progress.

    Best wishes!

  2. Wow Niki -

    We are about at the same point of recovery! I did not know that we were so close in time. I had to swear of the blogs a week prior because I had to stay focused on getting the task done and not be distracted comments that would scare me.

    You do look great! The goofy thing I have around my face is a cooling pumps cold water all day long and I don't have to switch out ice very often.
    Glad to hear that your appointment went well!
    Hope you sleep well tonight!

  3. Cece,
    Thank you soo much! And AH!I can't wait until the swelling goes all the way down, I am so excited!! And yes, they did it in a timely manner too, it wasn't too long of a surgery. Surprised me but hey, I sure am happy with the results and certainly not complaining. I definitely agree the first week is ehh, hopefully all uphill for now.
    Thanks again!

    We are indeed very close! Hooray for august surgeries! I definitely know what you mean, there was a time in my blogging life i had to do the same thing. Thanks, and ahh sounds neat I wish I had one of those. Changing the ice packs was a real pain, that would've helped out allot haha.
    Thank you, you too!

    Thank you so much again guys!

    Niki :)

  4. Ok, so now I KNOW we're using the same surgeon. I met Dr. S on Friday when I had an appointment with Dr. T. Very cool to be able to read your story and know I'm approaching the same one with the same doc at the same hospital.

    Thanks for you blog and all your encouraging words!