Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 19

  Today was my first B-Day, so far so good. except the fact my doctor is out of the office until friday, so they couldn't get the right papers for the nurse to be able to give me the trammadol. At all. So I took as many motrin as she could give me, and was sort of miserable the last 2 classes of the day. My mom said she and the nurse called faxed and did all the things necessary and it should be fixed tomorrow. I am praying that it is. I have my hardest class of the day first, and the same luch period as yesterday with most of my friends. That was super hard today, I had mashed potatoes, a pear, and pudding. Unfortunately the mashed potatoes by the time I reached them were un-edible. The pear was meant to be more ripe than it was, so I could only eat about half of it. But the pudding worked out wonderfully. Again, my not-so-there friends asked some not-so-there questions, which led to a bit more disappointment than I would like to have. Ehh, What can you do?

  But on the best of positive notes, I HAVE A WONDERFUL MATH TEACHER. I always get the short straw when it comes to math teachers. I had a glorious math teacher in 6th grade, ever since then...well I don't have anything nice to say, so I was taught not to say anything at all. But this new guy is super promising, and he's cool too.  My accent, really did no good today, especially for my physics teacher. He's like 70, and well he even told us his hearing wasn't as good as it was years back. So, kind of a problem.

  Numb news- my left side of my face, is getting less numb!! Hooray, and my friend was giggling at me when I was mindlessly fiddling around on my face. That's a habit I've acquired, I was sort of unaware of it-but we both go a kick out of it, so we are all good. I just like try to feel the numb spots on my face, so I can imagine, what the outside world sees, hah!

Here's my schedule, if anyone's curious:


1: Costume Construction 2
2: English
3: French 2
4: Improv


5: AP U.S. History
6: Pre-Calculus
7: Intermediate Design
8: Physics

If anyone wanted to know, you probably didn't but just if you are curious. Well wishes to all!

Life's a party wear the hats

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