Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Goodness Gracious

  Surgery is tomorrow.

  Weird, but exciting. In all honesty I'm more nervous than I'd like to admit, but I  hear that's normal. I have my surgical hooks/meeting with my new orthodontist/final meeting with Dr. T today at 11, I live an hour away from the office, but I go to school in that same city so travel time is no big deal. Now tomorrow, if I have to be there at 5am travel time will be a big deal. Hahaha, all for the cause though. Ok, something that's befuddling me: I keep having dreams about the surgery, not like nightmares, or happy fluffy clouds and cats dreams, weird crazy dreams. Like the other night, my dream was I was in the pre-op room and the nurses told me "don't sneeze or you will ruin everything." pretty sure they made me sign a waver too. I woke up and laughed.  It was odd, and by the way I told my mom about it, and she said I can't literally sneeze whilst under the anesthesia (she is a nurse herself). Hopefully this gave you guys a giggle. Did anyone else have this happen to them, any crazy dreams?

  Anyways I will probably post again tonight, worried and freaked out. You might even get the low down on what happens to be in my brain; I'm a bottler, and I know that it is extremely bad for your sanity, so hopefully this blog can help with that.

Life's a party wear the hats

Niki  :)


  1. How exciting! I'll be cheering for you and your surgical team! And please, DON'T SNEEZE! lol.

  2. Thank you so much Amanda it really means allot to me!!!
    I will try my best and take as many allergy medications as possible! Hahaha, how are you and your missing molars doing? Hope all is well with you


  3. You will do great today! Can't wait to see your post-op update:) and my teeth are great. looking forward (sort of) for my braces on aug 22!

  4. Thanks! Hahah Just posted it last night, Glad to hear that. Enjoy your teeth brace free, cause I'm going to worn you they can be a pain in the...rear end. But they aren't too bad after awhile, take motrin/tylenol before the appointment, and floss (if you are a flosser) like no tomorrow, for its quite a dificult task with them. I go back to school the 22nd so maybe that day will turn out better than we both expect!
    Have a great weekend!