Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 16 & 17

  Day 16: Nothing exciting happened, at all.

  Day 17: I ATE MACARONI AND CHEESE! And I went to church, but I ATE MACARONI AND CHEESE! This is huge for me. I adore mac and cheese, I've been making it myself since I was like 5, and yes I said 5. The Kraft blue box ones but, thats really truly the only macaroni and cheese I will ever eat. No Velveeta shells and cheese, no grocery store brand, no home-made, no ordering it at restaurants, Blue Box for Life. That is one thing I am picky on, odd I know, but it's all I ever knew for the beginning of my life so no other kind existed to me. Hah, I am so weird, I'm sorry.
  Anyways here's how we did it- We just begin as the directions tell you to. First boil water, then cook the pasta for a lovely...(here's where you change it) 20 min. Then ad butter, cheese packet, and milk. Stir well, serve with baby spoon. Eat small bites, and not chewing but use the old mush with the tongue trick. Enjoy.
Boy did I ever!!! So I had to share that with you all. Sorry if any found this boring. Next post will be about my first day(s) of school. Not excited, at all.

  Life's a party, wear the hats
  Niki :)


  1. Hi Niki!
    Did you dance in the street? It is so satisfying when you can get some yummy food down in your belly!
    My wife made some really yummy soup the other day, and it was sooooo good! A real moral booster!

  2. Brent!!

    If by street you mean dinner table, then absolutely!!!! Yes yes yes it is, indescribable I would say. And Hooray for yummy soup!!! Glad you got some delicious goods too!!

    Stay well!
    Niki :)