Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 7


  Yay! It's been one full week! It's been fast, but slow at the same time, odd but I'm okay with it. Still the same, taking pain  meds (which help allot!), and the NASTY antibiotic. I know its absolutely necessary, but holy goodness its disgusting. We changed the 'flavor' twice, still completely rotten. Anyways. I went out today!! TWICE! Once in the morning- my mommy took me to Starbucks mmmm, and the second time- a yogurt place I forget the name of. Both were yummy and made me feel a bit more human. I have an appointment with my surgeon (one of them, the other is on a much needed vacation) Both are phenomenal surgeons individually, so its not like they cant function ( oh my gosh I've found a jaw surgery pun!!! sorry I am so weird) when they aren't together if that makes sense... Anyways, hoping it will all go well, and we can count how much metal is actually there. Oh, I ate a whole Go-Gurt today, those are easy to eat, its a straight shot, and you can control how much you get at a time. If anyone's looking for new, easy foods, I suggest you try some, and yogurt is healthy for you so everyone wins!!! I am feeling more of my top lip, the bottom lip still no luck though hahahaa. Everything else is pretty much the same though!

 This is my brother, and I. <3
 Action shot- courtesy of his girlfriend.
 This is still the same day, different shirt that shake didn't go so well in the spillage department
Humidifiers and Unicorns, hooray a smile! 

Life's a party, wear the hats

Niki :)


  1. Hahaha loved your jaw surgery pun! So glad to hear you're recovering well and feeling a bit more normal. You're looking great! :)

  2. Sarah,
    Thank you, hahaha I am a pun-person so glad to see/know someone else at least considers them. And Thank you so much!!!

    Niki :)