Monday, August 8, 2011

Pictures days 1-3

 This is me after surgical hooks biting down, a little trick I could do, stick my tongue through the space of my overbite heeheee
 They marked my face, to say yes, the face, no kidneys or knee replacements. hahaha it was funny to us
 Last Picture with my old face with mommy and daddy!!!
 This is Trusty there are more Trusty pictures I'll post them in a different post they are great.
 Me right after surgery, I have two fishes for lips. how my parents saw me when they came in
 side picture my mother took whilst i was sleeping, Trusty by my side!!!
 Later, I put clothes on, got ice packs, hurting tremendously and Trusty giving me a kiss
 My walk, My daddy helping me up; notice Trusty in my pocket heeheee
 Side profile my mommy took the picture, the lips decreased a little bit.
After the awful shower, I was not happy about it
 On the way home still hurting, and upset but a profile shot
 Unicorns make everything better I'm smiling here.
My sister (the one holding the flowers on the far right) and one of her friends visiting me bringing my gift/flowers/balloons. I promise my sister is wearing pants.

More pictures later, I promise

Life's a party wear the hats/chipmunk strap


  1. Oh your poor lips :(

    That has to be sore. Glad everything seems to be going well. You are going to recover so quickly. You young-unz heal so much faster with these things. hehe.

    Seems like you have a wonderful family taking care of you and I hope the next few days go by quickly. Happy napping!


  2. Nichole!
    Yes, my lips were huge like I had two fishes for lips, hahaa, but they are significantly different now. I'm hoping so, sometimes the recovery seems long, sometimes fast, I'm forgetting my days of the week (but that could also be the pain meds).

    Thank you soo much!!!


  3. Niki,

    Just sending a quick message to wish you well. May your recovery be swift and complete. Can't wait to see your progress!

  4. Cece,

    Thank you soo much I truly appreciate it! You are looking phenomenal, also you are such a strong woman hopefully I can have your attitude on my rougher days!

    Thanks again,

    Niki :)

  5. Aww these photos are great, not the swollen lips and swelling obviously, but all the pampering you are getting - well deserved!! Gotta love the tongue through teeth trick - I don't think I made the most of this talent while I had it!! Hope you're recovery's going well - it's onwards and upwards from here :) xx

  6. Annafaith,

    Thanks, my swelling has tremendously changed, especially in the lips (thank goodness!). I am very thankful for my family and friends. And my mom didn't know I could do that with my tongue for a while so I used it to freak her out, she is certainly glad its gone :).



  7. Wow your lips were quite large!! But your cheeks don't look too poofy! My cheeks were (and still are a little) very swollen after my surgery, but you definitely win in the lips category. :)

    Anyways I was just posting to wish you a happy recovery!

  8. Jamie,
    Thank you so much! and yes, my surgeon told me I'm tied with one other patient he's had for biggest lips he's ever seen after this surgery. Hah! Yes, I'm very thankful my face isn't very swollen, try one of those head wraps with ice, they made me feel better and a little less swollen.
    Thanks again!

    Niki :)