Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 21!!

  3 weeks guys!!! Weird. I keep thinking its been a while, but this blog keeps me in check. I guess its because I didn't really have much time to "recover" I had to jump into school, and My school is very strenuous. I used to have a longer day than my parents' work days/hours. I better impress the college I really want to get into. Also I really do appreciate the experience, and all that jazz the school does offer me, so I'm thankful for it and blessed to be able to go but some days, I admit-suck.

  But, new news!! My bottom lip is kind of almost tingling, I don't know how to describe it but I'm just glad something's happening!!! Hoorray!! and my left side is still getting better daily, yay!! Hopefully I will have feeling back in that side by my birthday! Food is still a huge challenge, I had no idea it would be my biggest challenge; I truly believed the numbness would be number one. Numb bothered me, big time I used to say I'd rather hurt than be numb. NOT THE CASE. It's completely different since I can feel it!!! Is anyone else not this numb? I feel like you all are quite numb. I am barely numb, I dunno. Anyways. Ice cream is my friend, and enemy. But tonight its my friend. Yay!

  Alright well I'm off to bed, hope you all are doing well!!!

  Life's a party, wear the hats

  Niki :)


  1. I am still quite numb after 23 days. I cannot feel my chin or gums at all and my cheeks are still numb in the deeper tissue from my eyelids down. But I am surprised that your lip is just starting to tingle now... I have had a pins and needles tingly feeling in my bottom lip/chin/lower cheek areas since I left the hospital. It is very annoying at times. Glad to hear you are improving everyday!

  2. Jamie,

    Gah, so weird, I totally expected to be like that in the numb-situation. But no, my surgeon's said they took extreme caution around the nerves. They were all proud and such as I lay in the hospital crying for more pain meds-that they refused to give me. Oh well its all gone and done with and I am quite happy with results.
    Hope you are doing well!