Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 12

 GUYS BIG NEWS! I ATE REAL FOOD. Ok so not like a hamburger, and no I didn't have to blend anything, but I did have to cut it with scissors. BUT STILL. I ate one of those asian rice noodle bowls. and MMMMM it was soooo good, I even got to put soy sauce in it like if I was eating a real asian dish!!! It was a brand called Simply Asian, and it was the sesame chicken flavor Rice Noodle bowl. It was an add boiling water, or microwaved water and he packets and such. But I cut up the noodles cause they were long and stringy, they are micro-thin and now short, and so easy to fit through my little opening. Oh my gosh was it delicious. If you don't like asian food I'm sorry, but if you do GO BUY ONE worth trying, and theyre  like $2 and most of the time they have coupons stuck to them, like buy two get $2  off so you can try another flavor. We bought the sesame chicken flavor (the one I ate and its yummy!!!) and the spring onion flavor, yet to try but excited! But they also have other flavors too, I just don't know what kind. But the sesame chicken flavor is yummy. Sorry I'm obsessing but I'm just excited. Also one of my best friends (we are a group of 4 and one of us Yollie, was in mexico for 6 weeks!!! We missed her) came over today, my other best friend, Catherine, brought her as a surprise!!! Yay! We got to catch up and it was sooo much fun!!! Yollie found one of those Burger King masks (my brother had it from a halloween costume from years ago) and it scared the HECK out of Catherine, oh goodness it gave us a giggle.

Another fun, monumental day HOORAY!!! I'm excited for my new food!!! Alright my face on my left side is like half of my cheek (if this makes sense) is now not so numb. Same pain, gosh it is reluctant, it just wont go away, stiil on pain meds. I'm kinda running out so I'm halfing them, hopefully when I go to the appointment on Friday, he'll give me another script. Alright cool, hope you all have a good day.

Life's a party, wear the hats.

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