Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 11

 So I slept in today for quite a while, like 10:30-11 ish, school is approaching and I have to get up eeaarrly!!! This will be a difficult habit to break, but my body will get used to it (or not). My friends came over today! They brought me pudding, apple juice, and good company. It was so much fun to have them over, they were not aware of my eating, it just didn't occur to them and  when they looked up it was so hard not to laugh with them (as hardy as they were) but it was something that could have been in a movie or TV show. It was comical. We were going to watch a few old classic Disney movies, The Aristocats, The Lion King 2, and The Little Mermaid. But unfortunately, my dad threw away the VCR a month or two ago. Oh I was super upset, but you can't do anything about it now so whatever.

  Fun day, mashed potatoes for dinner. One of these days I'll make a post of what I've eaten, and what I've been using. Alright same numbness, kinda getting more feeling back in my left side of my face close to my eye. But same pain too. Cool.

  Life's a party wear the hats,

  Niki :)

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