Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 18

  This was my first day of school. I am not one of those people who are excited about the first day of school. I don't get the hype. I kind of hate the first day of school. It's very anti-climactic, also I don't understand the people who are all excited about the first day of school. But yet each year, at the end of the first day  they grow to realize that they were wrong in being excited. Do you people not learn anything from, let's see we've been in school 11 years? Goodness. Sorry, this day brings a bitter-ness in me that is quite frankly, bitch-y. Done ranting.

  So, being only 2&1/2  weeks out of surgery, this day was a bit difficult. I mean my school is 2 buildings; one is 2 stories, the other is 4 stories. Both of these buildings are separated by quite a large courtyard/outdoor area (where a good number of us eat during lunch) and the 4 story one, has interesting archetecture. It's not just hallways, we've got cross paths, bridge like places, stairs running through the hallways (like there's one place that the hall way is a square because the stairs are seriously in the middle of the section). It is crazy. If this doesn't make sense. Good, I've been there 3 years and it still doesn't make sense to me.

  The nurse and I are friends now, but because we don't have the right paper she had to make a special call to give me my trammadol. Which I so appreciate, because it really helped!!! Lunch was, definitely difficult.  With people asking/switching foods, so someone asked me if I wanted their pizza. Clearly my friends need a little help with this subject. Also with 10 of my friends surrounding me with their sandwiches, apples, leftovers, chips, etc. you guys get the picture, it was more than I had prepared myself for. Sighs. Oh well. I'm trying guys, I am. But classes were not too bad, I can get my medicine's anytime I want/need all my teachers know what's going on so that won 't be a problem. But this is A-day, we do blocked schedules, so I had 4, hour and a half classes, then the next day- B-day: I have 4 different hour and a half classes. Then A-day again, then B. And so on and so forth.

  So, not too bad for my least favorite day. But guys, I have a question, and a concern. I HAVE AN ACCENT. IT IS VERY STRONG. Does anyone else have this? Currently I sound like I have a Strong New York accent. I used to sound asian, and sometimes I sound like a 3 year old (I can't pronounce W's an L's and R's are the hardest things). No one has ever really made any notions towards this, unless I don't remember it. I mean this is very comical, but talking in class is quite, not embarassing but almost. I always have to explain, cause people kinda look at me funny. I hope this doesn't stay forever. And I don't have a splint, so that isn't a cause. It's comical so not worry-some, right now. But I can see it becoming so. Oh, and on this note, I realized I hadn't worn make-up since the day before surgery, so when I went to put on my make-up, my foundation was a weird experience, since I can't feel some of my face and all. I know boys can't relate to this (sorry guys ): ) but girls, anyone know what I'm talking about? Just something I added since it was related. Kind of.

  Alright cool that's what I got for you guys. Glad to see and hear you all are doing well, I am soo sorry I haven't been keeping up school, and getting ready for it has just wiped me out. I promise for real this time to try to keep up at a better pace. Love to you all!!!

  Life's a party, wear the hats.

  Niki :)


  1. Hey Niki! I am happy to hear that you got to eat some mac and cheese!!! And I totally agree Kraft is the only mac and cheese I will buy.
    Your school does sound quite complicated! And I cannot imagine going through this in high school with the scheduled lunches and everything. But I am glad to hear your school is very understanding with all that you are going through!
    I do not have a new accent or anything like that so I cannot give you any input on that. But I do hope that as the numbness and such goes away your normal accent will return!
    And I definitely know what you mean about the makeup, it is a weird feeling.
    It is good to hear that you are doing so well! And good luck with getting back into the swing of things at school. I remember those first few days after summer... they are not fun. Not at all.

  2. I can't believe you are back in school after only 2 1/2 weeks! Major kudos at you. Glad teachers and nurse are being considerate. Hope the busyness of school distracts you from your recovery (if that's possible).

    Your post reminded me of a tweet I recently read: @mollymcnearney Back to School commercials are to kids what political campaign ads are to adults. Indicator of bullshit ahead.

    Good luck!

  3. Jamie,
    Oh my goodness yes, Kraft is the only way to go!!! Hahaha, yes you get used to the school itsself but not the getting around part. I am very thankful for them too! That's what I'm hoping , I think a combo of my nose and cheeks are the culprit, but what do I know.
    Thank you so much, and I hope your school takes its sweet time to start. Sounds like youre having fun getting all your stuff to go back.

    Aww Thank you! And I can't believe it either. Yes yes yes, very appreciative of the nurse and few teachers. I think I scared them into it but whatever works right? Haha. Thank you. And goodness, that woman speaks truth!!! I need to follow her asap.

    Thank you so much guys!!!