Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Days 5 & 6

  Sorry! I'm Late posting. But it looks like I have my wisdom teeth taken out, which I did in addition to the jaw surgery. But I have allot of bruising. I have a huge bruise that falls all the way down to my neck on my left side. It's pretty intense.

  Day 5: sucked. I just felt gross all day. I took all my anti-nausea meds, all my pain meds, and stayed as hydrated as I could. I even showered. Ehh. It was just a down day.

  Day 6: SO MUCH BETTER!!! Ah, I just woke up feeling better all around. My Mom got me to sit at the table and we did a 550 piece puzzle! And my youth pastor came to visit and he even helped with the puzzle. Then 2 of my Best Friends came over to visit me! (the 3rd is in mexico!!) We colored, chatted, laughed at cheesy tv shows, and just hung out. It was soo nice! I didn't get to see them before I had my surgery so I missed them twice as much, they even  brought me a peanutbutter banana chocolate smoothie :) mmmmmm. And one of my friend's little sister made me a picture!! She's two so its polka dots all over a piece of paper but it's beautiful. :) Then we completed another 550 puzzle, my brother and other friend helped.  It was a great day.

  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to go out in the am. (so its tremendously cooler, mother doesn't let me go outside after the temp hits 100, which happens really fast) Pain: Still sucks. Still on pain meds 24/7. (Trammadol, and motrin) see it's weird, because I'm only numb in 3-4 spots. I can feel everything but my lips, nose, and the skin right under my eyes. So, everything that was worked on (besides my nose) I can feel. And it hurts, anyone else have this or are you all numb? I dunno. Anyways, the pain meds work so I'm not complaining, just curious, where are you all numb, everywhere, some places?  Ok, well I'll post pictures tomorrow 1 week!!! Crazy fast! Appointment with the surgeon on Friday, oh and we were officially "fired" by our orthodontist. So we'll be using the one through our surgeon, she's an angel and agreed to take on our case. Oh guys I'll have to tell the story of how that phone call went tomorrow, it's comical. But we knew this was coming. Hah!

  Well hope everyone has a great week! Congrats to all who made it through this week!! Well wishes to you!!!

These are from Day 6:
 Bruised, all the way down my neck.
 Puzzle!!! Can anyone spot Trusty?? (;
 Best Friends!!! I love them! Left to Right- Catherine, Sam, and me Niki!
Even though I can't eat them she made them so my mom can (she has Celiac Disease-allergic to wheat/gluten)

  Life's a party, wear the hats

  Niki :)

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