Monday, August 8, 2011

So Days 1- 4 I think...

  Anyways, I'll catch you all up reguardless. I am on drugs so I'm a bit out of it. Sort of. OK, so in the hospital, I was only there one night. It's weird because they had me on the neurosurgery trauma  floor. And They first didnt want me on a pump, grr, we had to get it from them. then they took it away in like 6 or so hours. I was upset, the nurse wa nice however and let me get the last button :)

  After Surgery: Like I said recovery was the best, I remember talking to allot of people, like the nurses, and everyone, I remember it though, It's weird i was never given oxygen, or that tent thing. I kept asking the nurse, besides my lips, does it look good? hahaha I probably asked everyone, I even remember when they put me somewhere new I remember saying to everyone, good afternoon to like everyone. I had asked someone the time too. No one was allowed into the recovery room and I remember asking them when I could see my parents, they said they'd wheel me into my room then they'd call my parents up. That was odd to me. I mean I'm considered pediatric so wouldn't they atleast wheel me up with my parents, oh well. Then After lots of pain, sleep, ect. My brother and his girlfriend came and visited. Everyone said I looked really good. basically that's what happened, they also brought me lots of juice. That's all i could eat/drink. Pain became a huge issue, then later that night they gave in to giving me the pain button.

Day 1: they took the pain button away that morning :( I was just a mess, all I wanted was the pain button, ice on my face, and sleep. Clearly, that was in no one's plan for me. I had to get up, walk down the hall, enjoy a window seat, and then walk back. Then My mom made me take a shower she kept saying it would make me feel better. no. no it didn't i was very upset with her. Hahaha, there was allot of fussing from me. So i was just miserable all day, the docs kinda wanted me to go home very pushy, but were only a little cautious because i was so fussy I guess. The meds didn't seem to do much, so I asked for one I am comfotrable with  I mean wthats a chance to take with what we've already tried right? They wouldn't give it to me.  It came down to miserable at the hospital or miserable at home. I chose home. So When we got home  My brother recieved the best Big Brother Ever award, he had Set up my little couch spot. We have a reclining couch so he set up my litlle space, my humidifier, blankets, my pillows, my get well gifts!! etc. He was soo sweet! So I finally got my chipmunk pouch for my face :) made me feel sooo much better and I slept ok-ish, sort of.

Day 2: Well, I kinda slept mainly, Waiting for my sister to come she was supposed to visit on friday but she couldn't come up that night. So We just chilled, then my mom made me take another shower, I think I smell bad or something, she asks me everyday, wanna take another shower? Maybe she is just trying to get me back intoo routine behavior, Anyways so I took a shower, and it felt loads better than the one at the hospital. Also, later my sister and her friend came YAY! They brought me flowers, balloon, and a cat pen heehee. They were such good company, I loved it, so great and fun. I ate mashed potatoes at the table with everyone it was fun. We watched movies and hung out with them, so fun. I fell asleep a few times during the movie but oh well.

Day 3: Everyone but me, my mom and brother, had gone to church in the morning I was not up to it, But I was in the announcements theey said. I feel a bit famous heeehee. Of coursse My sister and her friends had to go back that day, so my dad took them to lunch but ordered to go so they could eat here, I appreciated the company but the chips made me sad, so i fell asleep. when I woke up, they were all done but (they had me on tylenol 3 which i do not like it makes me crazy in a notgood way, we have been pushing to get one called tramadol which I know works well for me but they didnt wanna give it to me)  i was a wreck, i freaked out and my mom said ok time to try the other one (we had missed the last time to take the meds so we had some in the med cupboard from my last procedure there were like 2 but we are soo thankful for it) So i ate some pudding, and then took that medicine. EVERYTHING WAS THEN RIGHT IN THE WORLD. Silly doctors. We hung out some more with my sister and friends, and then they had to go, I got to walk them to the door, with support :) we watched tv and i fell asleep.

Day 4: Today! Yay, it is today, I can not stop using my chipmunk wrap on my face it feels sooooo good, it helps me fall asleep too, i just feel better all around, I slept a long time last night, but i also slept off and on. My mother ordered in the new meds, so Its waiting for me at the pharmacy yay!!! just been watching infomercials allot since i'm up at weird hours, I can give you all the low down about bosley hair restoration hahaha, that's all that's happened today. tv, couch, sleep. meds. Yay!!

Well, I hope everyone who's recovering is recovering well, who's having surgery I hope its going well, who's going to have surgery I hope your surgery goes well!!! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED MEE!!! Love to you all!!!!! <3 <3 <3

Life's a party wear the hats, or chipmunk ice packs :)

Niki :)

Pictures are coming next

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